MusselsMirepoix2Mussels & Fries also know in my mother tongue as “Moule et Frite” – So delicious and so easy: Start with fresh frozen mussels in the shell, added to a simmering pot of mirepoix (onions, carrot and celery) to that add garlic, butter, salt, pepper and olive oil.

This is my husbands recipe (well not really “his” it’s a traditional French recipe we are addicted to), what I really mean is he wears the chefs hat when it comes to this dish. I have to add he does a fantastic job! Add a nicely chilled white wine, some sweet potato baked fries, and some raw brussels sprout salad, click here for that recipe oh my. It all adds up to a meal that will make your eyes roll back into your head. Hope you enjoy and always remember to eat mindfully :)

Raw Brussels Sprout Salad + Truffle scented Dressing

Raw Brussels Sprout Salad + Truffle scented DressingRaw brussels sprout salad – finely shredded brussels sprouts, tossed with myzithra cheese, chives and chopped almonds, then dressed in an olive oil, white truffle, lemon dressing.

Another recipe which has 6 food items found on the “anti-angiogenesis” foods list. Click here to read more about “anti-angiogenesis” foods.
This recipe is easily kept vegan & raw by substituting 3 tablespoons of nutritional yeast (mixed into the olive oil lemon dressing) and omit toasting the almonds. Read More →

Raw Cold Beet & Apple Soup

Raw Cold Beet & Apple SoupRaw beet & apple soup begins with organic vegetable broth blended together with raw beets, carrots, tomato, strawberries, apple, scallions and spices. Hemp seed hearts bring added nutrition and garnish the top of the soup.

All this nutrition comes together quickly and easily, especially if using pre-sliced organic frozen beets. You don’t like beets you say? Well this may be the soup that changes your taste buds. It’s made using a high powered blender, such as Blentech or Vitamix, so the soup will get warm but not hot, you can enjoy it right away or chill it first. Either way it is delicious, but I have to say chilled is our favorite! Read More →

Cherry Pineapple Coconut Vegan Protein Smoothie

Cherry Pineapple Coconut Vegan Protein SmoothieIf you don’t keep a protein powder in your pantry no worries.  No protein powder needed for this smoothie, it makes a rich in protein and nutrient dense morning or anytime meal replacement, especially after a good workout. It has 23g of protein, 8g fiber, 805mg potassium and yes 21g of fat, but that’s the good stuff that feeds your brain. It’s also what will help you to stay satiated for a longer period of time. The pineapple in this smoothie will help your body break down and digest the protein more easily. That’s because pineapple contains a proteolytic enzyme bromelain. The Hemp hearts in this smoothie bring in a balance of added protein and healthy fats along with other nutritional benefits. Read More →

Caesar “not so traditional” Salad

Caesar "not so traditional" SaladCaesar Salad easily vegan if you prefer; simply omit the salmon.
Baby Romaine leaves are dressed with a vegan style “Caesar” dressing made from some traditional ingredients and some innovative ingredients; like, cashews, nutritional yeast and a mild curry powder. Greens are garnished with capers, Castelvetrano olives, avocado, scallions and then topped with a seared Wild Alaskan salmon fillet. Read More →

Chickpea Brown Rice Bowl

Chickpea Brown Rice BowlI love a meal in a bowl!  Chickpea Brown rice bowl – This medley of garbanzo beans, brown rice, red onion and cucumber, all tossed in a spicy lemony dressing easily qualifies as vegan. If you are like us, this dish is a no cook meal if you tend to have some cooked brown rice hanging out in your refrigerator. Now a days when you order Chinese or Thai you can request brown rice in place of traditional white rice; this often leaves the customer with leftover rice which is typically pitched in the trash. Not now Read More →

Banana Coconut Cream Pie

BananaCoconutCreamPieSlice5 Three steps to a vegan but not totally raw pie due to the chocolate & maple syrup; however, it still requires no oven time. This Banana Coconut Cream Pie starts with a crust of raw walnuts, dried dates and coconut. The crust is then sealed with melted 70% dark chocolate which once hardened is covered with one creamy layer of banana coconut filling. Then slices of fresh banana are layered on top and the remaining filling is added. The tart is then topped with a dark chocolate glaze.


5 Layer Banana Coconut Cream Pie

Based on the same servings, a traditional banana coconut cream pie has 464 calories per slice and 44g of sugar! Did you know 1 teaspoon = 4g of sugar. That means an old fashion banana coconut cream pie has 11 teaspoons, that’s over 3.5 tablespoons of sugar per slice. So let’s compare, and see how baking can be nutritious & delish without breaking the bank …. Read More →

Lemon Quinoa Seed Scones

Lemon Quinoa Seed SconesA healthy, high fiber, high protein and good fats scone. Are you in?
These scones are made with homemade quinoa flour which adds a nice crunch because the processor does not mill the seeds all the way down to a fine flour. I like that fact so if you prefer a smoother no crunch scone then just use 2 cups of gluten free oat flour. These scones also have chia seeds added for even more of those omega fatty acids. They are wonderful eaten with a cup of hot tea or coffee and your favorite preserve or just plain. They have a wonderful lemon flavor and the perfect amount of sweetness. A sweet treat doesn’t have to be bad for you.

Let’s compare to see how not all calories are created equally. Read More →

Penne Pasta + Mini Heirloom Tomatoes

Penne Pasta + Mini Heirloom TomatoesThis is another way to use some of that delicious and good for you arugula pesto, one of the food items listed on the anti-angiogenic food list (click here for a comprehensive list). This dish comes together in minutes but delivers flavor as if it was simmered for hours. So easy, so delicious, and so good for you, what more can you ask for. Read More →

Caesar Salad + Shrimp

Caesar Shrimp SaladThis Easter, my husband prepared our Easter lunch. He is well known (by me) to be the master of a Caesar Salad. Today he made it with these fantastic shrimp we found in our grocery store. They are wild caught from Argentina. They cook in about 2 1/2 minutes a little faster than the other varieties. I’m hoping we will be able to find them again because they are so tender and delicious, with a slightly sweet flavor, kind of like lobster. What a treat! (the roll on the plate is Udi’s gluten free brand, multi-grain, found in your freezer section grocery store)

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