Chewy Oatmeal Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Chewy Oatmeal Pumpkin Spice CookiesChewy oatmeal pumpkin spice cookies sweetened with dates and a little liquid stevia. Also included is pumpkin puree, coconut flour, rolled oats, plump raisins and healthy pumpkin pie spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and the wonderful flavor of vanilla. These are some of the ingredients that creates this chewy moist oatmeal cookie. No refined sugar is used, making them all the better. Continue reading

Blueberry and Turmeric Spice Muffins

Blueberry and Turmeric Spice MuffinsBlueberry turmeric spice muffins made with walnuts, buckwheat flour and oats. Spiced with cardamom, ginger, turmeric & cinnamon then sweetened with apples and dates and a surprise superfruit center. You’ll look forward to getting out of bed to enjoy these healthy energy giving muffins.

These muffins are so moist and light you won’t want to stop eating them. But exercising restraint will prolong the enjoyment for a healthy breakfast or afternoon snack. I found the foundation for this recipe thru Thrive Market but exchanged some of their ingredients, using apples in place of ripe banana, walnuts in place of pecans, adding liquid stevia for a little extra sweetness and Crofter’s Superfruit spread as the surprise center. Continue reading

Lemony Blueberry Scones

Lemony Blueberry SconeLemony Blueberry Scones: Gluten free, sugar free bites of heaven made with a blend of sorghum, tapioca, oat, almond and coconut flour. Sweetened with the zest and juice of organic lemon, vanilla extract, sweet leaf stevia and plump fresh organic blueberries.

It’s blueberry season and what better way to enjoy them then in a scone. I typically sub out butter for coconut oil, but when it comes to a scone you really want the buttery flavor to be there. To help offset the calorie load I opted for sweet leaf stevia in place of sugar; which helps out a lot. These scones are 255 calories each and your serving is a decent wedge of scone, not a miniscule serving. I baked these up today as part of my husband’s weekend birthday celebration. They’re delicious with a hot cup of fare trade coffee or tea. YumOh :) Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Continue reading

Elana’s Paleo Date Walnut Bread

Paleo Date Walnut BreadElana’s Paleo Date Walnut Bread; Made from almond meal, coconut flour and eggs. Sweetened with whole dried dates. This breakfast bread is very rich in Omega 3’s.

Elana Amsterdam’s date walnut bread is the perfect breakfast bread or afternoon snack. It is moist and has just the perfect amount of sweetness, you’ll find her recipe here It’s been tweaked by The Gluten Free Chew, just a tiny bit. I find there is no need to buy a bag of almond flour to make this delicious recipe, it’s so easy to grind your own from raw whole almonds, all you need is a coffee mill*. Of course if you have a bag of blanched almond flour that can be used as Elana’s recipe originally called for. Elena is a professional baker and prefers the lighter texture of blanched almond flour. I find using the whole almonds (ground of course) yields just as good results with added nutrition. Either way you will want to use a 1/2 cup of the flour. Continue reading

Ginger Coconut Granola

Ginger Coconut GranolaGinger Coconut Granola; crunchy gluten free oats, hemp seeds, shredded coconut all coated with a blend of pure maple syrup, blackstrap molasses, and ginger. Perfect morning breakfast with any dairy free milk or mixed with fresh fruit and Greek style yogurt.
This is a very healthy cereal. When I entered it into Cron-O-Meter the nutrient calculations are 240 calories per 1/2 cup (2oz) serving with 7.6g sugar, 5.5g protein, 5g fiber. When it comes to minerals, each serving contains 41% of your DV for iron, 34% Copper, 22% Magnesium and 49% Manganese. [full list of nutrition facts are shown below the recipe instructions] Continue reading

Tofu Fries

Crispy Tofu FriesThis dish satisfies our craving for a deep fried tofu dish we once enjoyed from Cafe Japengo in La Jolla CA. Now I know deep frying is really not good for us, so we almost never eat these foods. The dish from Cafe Japengo was so darn good we were never able to forget about it. The tofu was cut into cubes for the restaurant version but I quickly recognized that would be too time consuming. So I came up with a quick and much healthier version made with NO oil and every bit of crunch. You may think that’s not possible, because I know I did. But what a fantastic surprise when I discovered I could do it successfully. Follow this process and you too can enjoy delicious crispy oven baked tofu. Continue reading

Sprouted Lentil Hummus

Sprouted Lentil HummusSprouted Lentil Hummus, creamy blend of lentils, garlic, lemon, tahini, tabasco, cashew cream and touch of olive oil.

This hummus can be made without soaked or sprouted lentils. However using sprouted increases the nutrient content available to your body. You can use a food processor or blender to make this recipe. I don’t know about you, but a serving size of store bought hummus, typically 2 tablespoons is not enough hummus for me. With this recipe you can enjoy 8 tablespoons, that’s 1/4 of this recipe and the calories are 147 calories (typical brand has 70 calories per 2 tbl serving)  Continue reading